Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Love Letter to Fullerton from Jesse La Tour

Written by "Hotter Than a Match Head: A Love Letter to the City" artist Jesse La Tour

Dear Fullerton,

I know we have had our disagreements. For a long time, I hated you. I hated your 30 bars in 5 blocks. I hated your fighting. I hated your jay walking tickets. I hated the vomit on your sidewalks.

I hated your segregation: whites north of Chapman, Mexicans south of Valencia, Koreans west of Euclid, blacks almost nowhere.

I hated your politicians bankrolled by corporations like Chevron, your conservative political action committees, your cushy pensions, your short-sighted bureaucratic buffoonery, your closed sessions..."
To read the rest of the letter visit The internet web log of Jesse La Tour

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